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Chest Binder - GC2B

Chest Binder - GC2B

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Limited stock remaining. Measure carefully, no exchanges.
We have a limited number of gently-used chest binders available. These lightly used binders, donated by GC2B, can help achieve a flatter chest profile.

Safety is Paramount
Prior to selecting a size, watch the sizing video carefully. Chest binder sizing differs significantly from regular clothing. A proper fit is absolutely crucial for your health and safety. We cannot exchange binders ordered in the wrong size.

Inventory Depleted Due to Program End
GC2B's donation program has concluded nationwide. This means our remaining binder supply is low. To ensure fair access for those who truly need them, please only order a binder if it's absolutely necessary.

Be Mindful of Others
By only ordering if essential, you'll help us provide binders to everyone who needs them.

Limited Style Selection
We cannot guarantee what style of binder you will receive (raceback, half tank, full tank). However, you can leave a note during checkout indicating your preference. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but substitutions may be necessary due to limited stock.

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