Our LGBTQ+ community has been thrust into deliberate politicization, with discriminatory policies and legislation aimed at restricting our basic human rights and freedoms.

The QTP Loveline is a rapid response, healing justice initiative of The Queer Trans Project, featuring pre-recorded messages of affirmation and encouragement from LGBTQ+ members and allies in our community for our LGBTQ+ community. This initiative is designed to combat this hate and remind our community of our love and power.

Call (855) 578-5683 for our hotline.

Deep-Rooted Need

The urgency of this platform is underscored by startling statistics - 41% of LGBTQ youth considered suicide in the past year, a rate even higher among transgender, non-binary, and people of color, with over 60% of LGBTQ youth lacking affirming homes. These harsh realities emphasize the critical role of just one supportive adult, as studies reveal that such affirmation can significantly reduce the suicide risk by a remarkable 40%, with roughly half of transgender and non-binary youth finding gender-affirming school environments associated with lower suicide attempt rates.

On-Demand 24/7

The QTP Loveline offers immediate, on-demand support with a diverse range of messages, providing a convenient and inclusive alternative to traditional live hotlines. It ensures that individuals can access healing affirmations and encouragement precisely when they need them, addressing the urgent support needs of our community during times of political and legislative adversity.

Available to All

When the Loveline is available, we encourage everyone in the LGBTQ+ community, along with their allies, to call in and experience the warmth and strength of our affirming messages and words of encouragement, even though it's prerecorded. For those who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing (HoH), have an auditory processing disorder, etc. a transcript of the Loveline is available here so that everyone, regardless of their communication preferences, can benefit from the support offered.