Are the Build-a-Queer Kits really free?

Yes, absolutely! Our kits are 100% free, including shipping, and there are no hidden fees or credit card information required.

How can I get a Build-a-Queer Kit?

Getting a kit is simple! Visit our online store during a restock, choose your gender-affirming items, add them to your cart, and checkout. No waitlists, no hassle!

Are the Build-a-Queer Kits suitable for all gender identities?

Absolutely! Our kits are thoughtfully designed to cater to individuals across the gender spectrum. Whether you identify as non-binary, genderqueer, or any other gender identity, our kits offer a wide array of options to meet your needs.

What items are available in the kits?

Our kits are fully customizable based on what you choose. We offer an evolving range of gender-affirming items, including binders, packers, bras, underwear, makeup, and more!

Ordering A Kit

What if I'm unsure about my size for binders or packers?

How many items can I get in my kit?

How often do you restock the Build-a-Queer Kits?

We aim to have regular restocks throughout the year to accommodate the high demand for our kits. To stay informed about upcoming restock dates, please follow our social media channels or sign up for our text and email notifications.

What if I missed the restock and the kits are sold out?

We understand how quickly our kits can sell out during restocks. If you missed the opportunity to order, don't worry! Please keep an eye on our social media and email notifications for information about the next restock date. We appreciate your patience and dedication to our mission.

Getting another Kit

Can I order more than one Build-a-Queer Kit for myself?

As much as we'd love to provide multiple kits, each individual may only order one kit.

Can I order another kit if I received one from the most recent restock?

To give everyone a chance to experience our kits, if you received a kit from the MOST RECENT restock, we kindly ask that you wait for TWO restocks before ordering another one. For example, if you ordered in January, and restocks occurred in June and July, you can reorder in September.

What if I want to order something that I didn't get to before?

Regardless of what or how many items you received in the previous restock, the waiting period of TWO restocks applies if you wish to order another kit.

What if I want to order a kit for a friend as a surprise or gift?

If you'd like to order a kit for a friend, it must be in their name to ensure they receive the personalized and gender-affirming items they deserve. Simply provide their preferences and shipping details during checkout, and we'll handle the rest!

Important Reminders:

  • To order a kit for both yourself and a friend, they must be under different names to avoid cancellation of the order due to duplicates.
  • For items with specific sizings, such as binders, please ensure you have their accurate sizing information before ordering. Guessing sizes may prevent others who know their size from receiving the resources they need. Let's support each other by being mindful of these details. 🌈✨

What if my friend already ordered a kit?

If your friend has already ordered a kit, we appreciate your thoughtful gesture! While they won't be able to receive multiple kits, your show of support means the world to them.


How are Build-a-Queer kits shipped?

Our Build-a-Queer Kits are shipped via USPS with tracking to ensure you can monitor your package's delivery status.

What is the packaging like?

To respect your privacy, all items are discreetly packaged in a bubble mailer with no mention of The Queer Trans Project on the exterior.

What happens if I enter my address incorrectly?

Please ensure you provide the correct address during checkout. If an address is not accepted by USPS, we will make one attempt to reach out to you via email to rectify the issue. If we don't receive a response, your order will be closed out, and items will not be resent.

What if my package is lost, stolen, or damaged during transit?

Once your package leaves our facility and is in the care of USPS, we cannot be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged mail. We recommend reaching out to USPS for assistance in such cases.

What happens if I enter my address incorrectly?

Please make sure to enter your address correctly during checkout. If you reach out to us before your order has been prepped for shipping, we will gladly update it. However, once your order has been prepared for shipping with the incorrect address, we are no longer able to make edits. Ensuring accurate address information is crucial to ensure a smooth delivery process for your gender-affirming items.

Why don't you ship internationally?

Currently, we focus on serving our community within the United States due to resource limitations, customs regulations, and a commitment to maintaining high-quality and accessible services. Shipping internationally is a future goal we hope to achieve as we grow.

Returns, Exchanges, etc.

What if I receive the Build-a-Queer Kit, but I don't like some of the items?

If some items in the kit aren't a perfect fit for you, consider passing them along to a friend within the community who may benefit from them. Sharing these resources can make a positive impact on others.

What should I do if the binder in the kit doesn't fit properly?

It's crucial to prioritize your well-being and safety. Please DO NOT wear binders that are too small for you, as it may cause discomfort and harm. Instead, consider finding a friend within the community for whom it might be a suitable fit. Alternatively, you can donate it back to us; however, you would be responsible for covering the return shipping costs.

Can I exchange items in my kit for different ones?

Unfortunately, we do not allow exchanges for individual items within the Build-a-Queer Kits, nor can the whole kit be exchanged. The kits are curated to provide comprehensive gender-affirming resources for your needs.

What if I change my mind after receiving the kit, can I still return it?

While we do not accept returns for our free Build-a-Queer Kits, if you change your mind and wish to part with the items, you have two options. You can either donate it back to us at your own expense, contributing to our mission of supporting the community, or you can gift it to a friend who may find the items beneficial.

Can I cancel my order before it is packed and shipped?

Absolutely! If you wish to cancel your order before it is packed and shipped, kindly send us an email at We will gladly assist you in the cancellation process.

VIP Cutie Text Club

What is The VIP Cutie Text Club?

The VIP Cutie Text Club is our free texting list that provides you with timely updates and notifications about our Build-a-Queer Kit restocks and other important announcements. By joining the VIP Text Club, you'll receive the latest information directly to your phone, ensuring you're among the first to know when our kits are available.

How do I sign up for the VIP Text Club?

To join our VIP Text Club and receive updates about restock dates, including the BIPOC Early Access Program, keep an eye on our social media platforms and website. We will announce when sign-ups are available closer to the restock date. Simply follow our socials and visit our website during that time to get all the information you need to become a part of our VIP Text Club and stay connected with The Queer Trans Project community.

Is the VIP Text Club free to join?

Yes, absolutely! Joining our VIP Cutie Text Club is completely free. We want to ensure that our community has easy and instant access to important updates without any cost or barrier.

Why should I join the VIP Text Club?

By joining our VIP Cutie Text Club, you'll gain the easiest and fastest way to know when we restock our Build-a-Queer Kits. You'll receive timely notifications, giving you an advantage in securing the gender-affirming items you need before they sell out. Don't miss out on our next restock – subscribe to the VIP Text Club today!

What is the BIPOC early access program?

Our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) early access program is designed to prioritize and uplift individuals from BIPOC communities. .

Members of our VIP Text Club who have indicated their BIPOC identity have a chance to receive a special website password, granting them 30 minutes of exclusive shopping time before general access starts.

Is the BIPOC early access program available for every restock?

Yes, our commitment to equitable access means that the BIPOC early access program is available for every Build-a-Queer Kit restock. We are dedicated to fostering inclusivity and diversity within our community and ensuring that all members have the chance to benefit from our gender-affirming resources.

How does the BIPOC Early Access Program work?

During our Build-a-Queer Kits restock, our website will be temporarily locked with a password. Members of the VIP Text Club who identify as BIPOC will have a random chance to receive the exclusive website password via text notification. If selected, they can use this password to access the website and shop for their gender-affirming kit before the website opens for general access.

Why is the BIPOC Early Access Program important?

The BIPOC Early Access Program is an integral part of our commitment to inclusivity and equity. We recognize the unique challenges faced by BIPOC individuals in accessing resources, and this program aims to create a more accessible and empowering experience for our BIPOC community members. It allows individuals to secure their gender-affirming items before they sell out during general access.

Is the website password guaranteed for all BIPOC members on the VIP Text Club?

No, the website password for the BIPOC Early Access Program will be randomly distributed among members of the VIP Text Club who have indicated their BIPOC identity. We want to ensure a fair and inclusive experience for all our community members, so the early access password will be sent to randomly selected individuals.

How will I know if I received the website password for early access?

If you are one of the randomly selected members to receive the website password, you will receive a text notification before general access starts. The password will grant you exclusive early access to shop for your kit. Even if you don't receive the password for this restock, we encourage you to stay subscribed to our VIP Text Club for future opportunities.

What happens if someone falsely claims to be BIPOC on the VIP Text Club?

We trust and rely on the integrity of our community members to accurately identify themselves. The BIPOC Early Access Program is designed to provide an equitable experience for BIPOC individuals, and honesty is crucial to maintaining that integrity. Misrepresenting one's identity on the VIP Text Club to gain access to the BIPOC Early Access Program is against our community's principles of respect and inclusivity. We encourage everyone to participate honestly, as this program aims to prioritize and empower BIPOC individuals who genuinely need our gender-affirming resources.

What are the consequences for misrepresenting BIPOC identity on the VIP Text Club to gain early access?

Misrepresenting BIPOC identity on the VIP Text Club to gain early access to the BIPOC Early Access Program is a violation of our community's principles of honesty and respect. If someone is found to have falsely claimed BIPOC identity, they will face serious consequences. They will be immediately removed from the BIPOC Early Access list for all future restocks, and they will also be permanently blocked from receiving a Build-a-Queer Kit from The Queer Trans Project. Such actions undermine the purpose of this program, which is to empower and prioritize genuine BIPOC individuals in our community. We rely on the honesty and integrity of all our members to ensure fairness and equity in accessing our gender-affirming resources.

Isn't the BIPOC Early Access Program racist?

No, the BIPOC Early Access Program is not racist. We recognize the disparities and challenges experienced by BIPOC members of our community, It is essential to clarify that this program is not about promoting discrimination or exclusion; rather, it aims to create a more accessible and empowering experience for them. Our commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and social justice guides us in designing initiatives that prioritize those who have been historically marginalized.

The program aims to address the historical and systemic disparities faced by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) individuals in accessing gender-affirming resources.