• Southern Anti-Trans Laws Are Uprooting Families — And Leaving Them With Impossible Choices

    Cielo Sunsarae runs the Queer Trans Project, an advocacy group based in Florida, and the largest referrer to Elevated Access for gender-affirming care. “There’s been a steady increase in need,” he says. They’ve orchestrated over 22,000 miles of travel for trans patients...

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  • Florida lawmakers, advocates march in protest of anti-transgender legislation

    "As we march through the streets of Florida, let our collective voice echo: We will not be erased, legislated against, or silenced,” said Cielo Sunsarae, executive director of the Queer Trans Project...

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  • Hundreds of Floridians protest attacks on the trans community

    Hundreds of LGBTQ+ Floridians and allies from across the state joined the “Let Us Live” march and rally Feb. 28 at the Historic Florida Capitol Building to protest the attacks on transgender people by...

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  • Advice from Gen Z Organizers on the Art of Love and Empowerment in Organizing

    Alexis Williams, who works for the Jacksonville-based organization, Queer Trans Project, noticed the disparities between white and people of color transgender folks that have been noted by many prominent organizations...

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  • This Florida activist makes “Build-A-Queer” kits for trans folks. He won’t let DeSantis scare him.

    LGBTQ+ people across the country face a continued crisis as states pass new laws banning everything...

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  • AMC Canceled Screenings of an Anti-Trans Documentary After Backlash

    On Friday, AMC quietly canceled its planned screenings of No Way Back, a propaganda documentary...

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  • In One Day, Ron DeSantis Signed Five Bills Severely Restricting Trans Rights in Florida

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis rang in the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia...

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  • It's Transgender Day of Visibility

    Transgender Day of Visibility is recognized on March 31st every year as a day of celebration...

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  • Meet Cheyenne Smith of The Queer Trans Project

    Today we’d like to introduce you to Cheyenne Smith. Them and their team share their story...

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  • Jacksonville groups hold event honoring Transgender Day of Visibility

    Celebrating Trans Day of Visibility and their 3rd birthday, the Queer Trans Project provides free Build-a-Queer kits at Queer Market Jax.

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  • Dozens rally for abortion access ahead of November amendment vote

    The Queer Trans Project marches with Women's March Florida Jacksonville Chapter for abortion access ahead of November amendment vote.

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