Partnership Opportunities

Sponsoring the Queer Trans Project offers businesses and individuals a chance to make a meaningful social impact. By supporting LGBTQ+ empowerment, you can showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusion. Sponsorship provides increased brand visibility and recognition through our website, social media, and event materials. It opens doors to valuable networking and partnership opportunities within the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, businesses can enhance employee engagement and morale by aligning with a cause that resonates with their values. By sponsoring us, businesses actively contribute to delivering essential supplies and assistance to help combat dysphoria and promote dignified, safe, private, and empowered living.

  • Corporate Volunteer Day

    Join us for a transformative day that not only supports our cause but also fosters a sense of belonging and purpose within your team. By lending a hand, you're not just making a difference; you're affirming the dignity and worth of transgender individuals, promoting inclusivity, and spreading love and acceptance.

  • Event Sponsorships

    Elevate your brand and make a powerful statement by sponsoring one of our impactful events. Your generous support not only enhances our visibility and success in providing vital assistance to transgender individuals but also ensures that your name shines brightly as a beacon of support and allyship for the transgender community.

  • Host a Drive

    Host an item drive and mobilize your community to gather essential gender-affirming items, such as binders, packers, and gender-affirming accessories, for our Build-A-Queer Kits program, benefiting transgender individuals across the United States; reach out to us to kickstart this initiative.

2024 Sponsors

All sponsorship tiers are customizable to suit your company's preferences and objectives. By sponsoring the Queer Trans Project, you directly support our mission and join us in creating a more inclusive and empowering world for the LGBTQ+ community. We are grateful for your partnership in making a positive impact!



Community Engagement Supporters

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