QTP In The Community

Welcome to our Community Hub, where we don't just talk about community; we live and breathe it. While some may limit community to mere theory, we take the road less traveled – one of action and unyielding dedication. At just 2 years old, our organization has already reached a national audience, a testament to the incredible unity that fuels us. Our community comes together to champion change: from organizing item drives for our kits, writing heartfelt letters, to spreading the word about our life-changing initiatives. But we don't stop there – we provide support, showing up for our community just as they show up for us. This is more than theory; it's a journey of unwavering action, and together, we're making the extraordinary a reality.

As you explore this hub, we invite you to scroll through the captivating images of community in action. You might just spot yourself among the vibrant faces that make our journey so incredible!

Let's Be In Community Together!

If you share our deep commitment to community and aspire to become an integral part of our journey, we extend a warm invitation. Whether your interest lies in active participation in our diverse community events, contributing to our meaningful initiatives, or simply establishing a connection, contact us at queertransproject@gmail.com.