Welcome to the Fall 2023 Restock!

Please take note of the following requirements in order to get a kit.

  1. I identify as a transgender, gender queer, non-binary, or questioning individual., etc.
  2. I am not cisgender
  3. I am in need of gender-affirming items
  4. I will only add up to 4 items total (one item from step one, and up to three from step two)
  5. I must login to my account to check out
  6. I must upload my ID when I check out
  7. My order will be cancelled if I don't abide by the rules

Thanks. Start building, cutie!

Step 1: Binder or Gender Grip

Please select either ONE binder or ONE roll of Gender Grip. You may skip this step if neither is needed.

Step 2: Three Additional Items

You may choose up to three additional items. You cannot order multiples of the same item.