An Important Update on Build-a-Queer Kit Order Process

In our unwavering commitment to providing essential resources and support to the LGBTQ+ community, we have taken the step of requiring all users to create an account before checking out for a Build a Queer Kit. This decision is rooted in our mission to ensure that these vital resources reach those who truly need them.

Unfortunately, we've faced instances of misuse where individuals with harmful intentions have ordered kits. This not only jeopardizes our mission but also the limited resources that could otherwise be utilized to their full potential by our community. We understand that this change may cause some inconvenience, and we share in the disappointment that this step is necessary, but it allows us to maintain the integrity of our mission.

We highly recommend creating an account before kit restocks to reduce the time it takes to check out and help secure your access to these resources and. This measure is vital in upholding our dedication to supporting the LGBTQ+ community effectively and responsibly.

To create your account, please click here.

Thank you for your understanding.


Update as of 10/21/23:

Thank you all for the comments! To clarify, our Build-a-Queer kits aren't restocked yet but they will be soon. Once we restock, you can view the items and add them to your cart, but you will not be able to check out unless you sign in with the account you created. If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ page.

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I tried last year. Applied to the early access code as I am native american and I didn’t even get a code. I even messaged the owner and never heard anything back.


for any confused folks in the comments, they are not restocked yet however they will be soon(i do not work for QTP I’m just going based on info they’ve posted)


will poc still have early access?


Dose anyone know if you’ll be able to get a binder if you got someone last time (I got a book) everything else was out of stock cuz I need one


I had a link you had restocked the build a queen kits? Says still out of stock


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